Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pizza Rolls

We made this for dinner tonight and even though it tasted just like normal pizza it was a fun new way to eat it! These don't look super fancy because I had a cute little 2 year old helping but they still tasted yummy! It was a huge hit with our little girl and I'm sure it would be with any little kid!

*2 C. flour
*1 T yeast
*1/4 t salt
*1 C. warm water
*1 T oil

Stir flour, yeast, and salt together in a mixing bowl. Add warm water and oil and beat until smooth. Add more flour till dough pulls away from sides of the bowl. Mix for 5 min and let stand for about 10 min.

Roll out dough into large rectangle and top with cheese and whatever pizza toppings you like. Do not put sauce on the dough or it will be super hard to roll up! Roll up like you would if you were making cinnamon rolls then cut into rolls. Put on greased pan and let raise 10-20 min then bake at 350 for about 10-15 min. Dip into warm pizza sauce and enjoy!

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